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    We Bring Structure to the
    Automotive Industry.

    Learn How

    Vision, Values

    We bring structure to the automotive industry, valuing health, innovation, respect, ownership, teamwork and fun. We are Tower International.


    At Tower International, we believe in getting involved with our community at a local level. We are continuously seeking opportunities that our colleagues can get involved in and make a difference.

    in Numbers

    Tower International currently provides employment to nearly 5,700 people worldwide. We pride ourselves in fostering a culture of hard work, integrity and having fun.


    With a rich history of over 100 years in the automotive industry, Tower International is an expert in body structure design and manufacturing for the world’s leading automotive companies.

    Our People, the Strength Behind Our Structure.

    tower international colleagues discussion

    Tower International
    More than a career opportunity.

    Whether you are fresh out of college seeking a successful career, or an industry veteran looking for a growth opportunity, employment at a new organization is a major life decision. Learn more about the Tower International opportunity here.

    tower international team accepting award

    Multiple awards from
    multiple customers.

    Tower International has gratefully received awards from our customers for our delivery in body structure design and manufacturing. We attribute these wins to a history of teamwork and integrity.

    tower international colleague inspecting part

    Dedication to our

    "We are dedicated to the safety of our colleagues and supplying quality parts in a timely manner at a competitive cost to our customers. These attributes are the primary reason for our continued growth and will allow us to provide the highest value to ALL of Tower’s stakeholders. Together, we are One Tower."

    Our Automotive Customers